Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Day Has Started...

بِسمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحَيْم

Salam to all my blogger's friend..
It long time am not updated this blog..am quite busy [hurmm with what? hohoho~ guess lorh] That day has started beautifully, alhamdulillah my dear Lord, Allah s.w.t.

thiS LifE Is PrEciOus wITh sOmeoNE we Care anD lOve...ThAnk Allah FoR EveRy Moment...aM reAlly aPPreciaTed It.

What is a "moment"? I believe a moment is close to being the most precious gift we are given in this life. Those who are fortunate will have an abundance of moments, the wise won't miss many. Knowing how to recognize and place value on a moment is all you need to begin enjoying and genuinely living from precious moment to precious moment.

Enjoying a moment means really slowing down enough to actually see the beauty and joy in that which is commonly taken for granted. In creation, the eyes of a child, the touch of a friend, in finding peace with the world at large or within myself. To make the connection with another soul [hoho~wow I have become sentimental here...is that really me?].Over planning also blinds us as we are only concerned with the future. So we need to balance it.

For a long time I believed those magical moments happened only on vacations or holidays, that I needed to work hard to set up everything just right. Mostly people making those memories with the kids and family when times were tight seemed to be a major draw on time [ Hurm.. am not married yet,but I have my own family and.... someone insyaAllah ]. Once I realized we have such a small amount of time, so I need to be patient same goes to someone. With my eyes wide open (O_o) instead of half closed/ in malay SEPET (-__ -), now I was free to look at the rest of my lives in a changed way, alhamdulillah.

Moments began happening in last week. Waiting~ for a special moment would have meant lots of moments between us. Surprise! I noticed my life now better than past.
Someone is always right beside me..am not alone [alhamdulillah thanks for the love You have give me..thanks to mama, papa, someone, edy, apek & in memory kirana for coloring my life].

These moments to smile and laugh, to share of ourselves with those who matter are the golden moments in life. They are the only things we will take with us when we leave this life. I hope I won't miss many, InsyaAllah

p/s: this is blog my my dear friends, please dont judge me for this content of the post. Sorry for talking nonsense here if you are thinking in that way but I just want to share my feeling t with someone who understand me..someone who care me much than others.

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  1. my dear Lord, Allah swt..
    help me in finding your love..
    if I die before completed this journey..
    let me die in the name of You, Ya Allah..
    let me die in the name of Islam..amin