Friday, 8 January 2010

Namun Kupunya Hati...

بِسمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحَيْم

With the name of Allah s.w.t

Title: Namun Kupunya Hati

Author : Zalisa Maz

Publisher : PTS Fortuna

ISBN : 978-983-192-201-9

Pages : 427 pg

My REVIEW Synopsis:

This book is all about to know a girl named Puteri that didnt get love from her father..why la am also dont know because I didnt read yet this book. I was just accidently told by my friend, Norrudin Draman (you all can search his name in the FB if you want to get closer with him lalalala) in the Facebook about this book. As my friend told me, this book was "acted' by a niqabi. Wow that awesome...I cant wait to search this book, hopefully still have in any bookstore around my place.

Ok la continue...

Puteri didnt get any love from her father since she was a child ( am so pity with her ). Her ambition is going to futher the studies at the university but she cant make it because her father make she quit from the school at young age. (what the cruel father in this world dont want to see his daugther achieve something in life).

So why her father treat her like not his own daugther? is she a step daugther?
Everything is wrong from her father view's....
Till the end she'll be continue her life like this?
Always crying since she was child.....
This novel will give us an answer to all this question..
Dont forget to get this novel..

p/s: If any my friends here know about this novel..
please leave your comment here maybe we can share something ..
owh by the way actually this novel in malay laguage not in english


  1. Salam Hurul Mardhiyah;-)

    Sayangnya, saya baca novel ini dengan meminjam, jika tidak boleh saya pinjamkan kepada enti.

  2. waalaikumussalam wbt...

    syukran enta..xpe :)
    hope can share something new

  3. ku ingatkan tajuk lagu asalnya..

  4. hoho bkn la enta ..
    ni review novel

  5. salam ziarah ukhti..

    sy pun fikir tjuk kagu jgk tadi :)

    btw..novel ni mcm menarik..teringin nk baca jgk..nak cari la..hopefully jmpa nanti..

    thanks for following my blog..sy akan follow balik later, skrg ada problem skit..xleh nk follow others..sorry :)

    salam ukhwah dari sy..semoga dirahmati selalu ^_^

  6. salam sobat
    blognya keren dan cantik
    trims kunjungan dan follownya
    saya sudah follow balik
    dengan nama Hanura damayanti
    yang tidak pakai foto.
    salam kenal mba Hurul.

  7. salam kenal mbak hurul..wah blognya keren banget. Review novelnya jg bagus, tapi sayang saya agak gugup bahasa inggris, hehehe...pengen baca lebih lanjut novelnya. Siip mbak hurul, salam kenal ya...