Monday, 4 January 2010

SiTe SurVeYIng DisAsTeR..lalala

السلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته

salam ukhwah my dear friends,

hmmm...as the title of this post is site surveying of course not everyone knows what it is except

the people which involved in this field or engineering field

Surveying or site surveying is the technique or accurately determining the terrestrial or three

dimensional space position of points and the distances and the angles between them.

the points are usually on the surface of earth.

that is a little fact of surveying lalala....

below here as my friends can see we are doing some activities of surveying in the campus.

here we are..this is main part for surveying : theodolite

then this is the others equipment for surveying : erm..what have here is staff, ranging pole, measuring tape wooden peg... n_n

while this is Quantity Surveyor Lab lalala.....

lecturer was giving instructions to do the surveying..

this is my classmate as my housemate : both of us in Civil Engineering field

tadaa!! my driver : shafiq@ chapek ..(sory am just kidding my fren)

me and fiza cant wait to do this job !!

our miss adorable in the class : from left mawarni , intan n natasya

hoho pity to fiza she have to hold the staff

intan was suprise am taking her pic lalala miss u intan

that is Elson , he is from sabah

our beloved lecturer for this subject site surveying procedure : Mr Deprizon (he's an indonesian)

Intan and Natasya lalala...

me and fiza after finished surveying

my dream as a Civil Engineer pray for me (._~)y

as u can see chapek just act (dont believe it lala sory chapek )

ha..........it looks like a long ruler but that not true this is Staff..

this one of course my frens know already : measuring tape

the most important part in surveying ?: Theodolite


  1. ye benar tu mmg instrument for site surveying..
    sbb this sem subject : site surveying procecedure (._~)y..
    syukran ,,,,

  2. untuk ukur tanah begitu banyak tools yg kita perlu belajar dan ambik tau...korban masa n wang ringgit..huhuhu
    untuk ukur iman berapa banyak lak ayat quran dan hadis yang kita tau huhuhu...
    dan yang penting skali sume ilmu kita sia2 jika kita tak gunakan...huhuhu skali lagi huhuhu

  3. salam alaik enta..
    benar byk mse dn wang kite hbskn utk krja2 dunia..
    tp ape yg kite lakukn bt keselesaan bg mlakukn ibadah dgn sng ..

    mnurut enta ilmu sia2 jka xpraktik kn ke jln yg btul adlah bnar kerna ilmu mprupakn cra utk kite connecting with agama. alangkah rugi org yg xmnuntut ilmu dn alangkah malang bg org2 yg mnuntut ilmu tp xpraktik kn ..